Español para extranjeros (Spanish for foreigners)

JOIN US TO OUR REGULAR COURSES! From August to October or August to December
Placement test and registration: Where? When?
25 de Mayo 221 (Microcentro): 14, 15, 16 y 17 de agosto de 10 a 13 hs.
Lavalleja 180 (Villa Crespo): 15 y 16 de agosto de 18 a 20:30 hs.
Virrey del Pino 3511 (Belgrano R): 15 y 17 de agosto de 18 a 20 hs.
Armenia 1353 (Palermo): 15 y 17 de agosto de 16 a 18 hs.

Our Language center has one of the biggest Spanish programs in the country with over 2000 foreign students a year.
The program has three main branches: Spanish courses, Professional training and Certification in Spanish teaching and Research, Evaluation and Certification in Spanish as a second or foreign language.

The Spanish Program offers courses for all levels, ranging from students with no background in Spanish to advanced students.
All levels can be measured and compared to ACTFL and MERC scales.
All courses develop Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening skills. The courses range from basic grammar fundamentals necessary for beginner daily communication activities to advanced, reading, speaking, and academic writing.

The Language Center offers regular, intensive, summer and winter courses.

Regular courses:  four hours a week, for sixteen weeks. 
Registration: late March and late August

Intensive courses: eight hours a week, for eight weeks.
Registration: late March, mid May, late August and mid October

Summer and Winter courses: fifteen hours a week, for four weeks.

Registration: early January, early February and early July.

We also offer courses for specific purposes. Intermediate and advanced students can take the following classes:

• Literature
• Academic Writing
• Academic Speech
• Latin American History and Culture
• Cinema

For Spanish Certifications write to