Idioma Inglés - Test de nivel

1. Lea el siguiente texto y escriba la opción más adecuada.


The train arrived (in/ on/ at/ to/ ) Charing Cross Station late, by about ten minutes.
Or, as they would say in the last carriage, dix minutes. It was the 7.20 from Tunbridge Wells, where (in/ on/ at/ every/) Tuesdays and Thursdays,
a group of commuters gets together (to learn/ for to learn/ for learning/ for learn/) French.
(There/ They´re/ It´s/ Their/) teacher is Mrs. Marie Stoppard.
She heard about the commuter study groups set up by Learn and Ride, and offered to help. She is French, and works (for/ by/ in/ with/) Dupont, the international company,
and has been running courses in French (from/ since/ for/ in/) 1984.
The first member of the group to get on the train is Colin Dearlove, (who/ that/ whom/ which/) lives in Tunbridge Wells.

He puts a sticker on the window and cards on the table in the last carriage, asking other commuters to leave the seats free for the study group.

People (is/ does/ do/ are) usually very understanding”, he said.
Colin has studied (other/ another/ others/ a lot/) subjects on the train- German, history of art, and geology.
He has been learning French (in the class of Mrs. Stoppard/ in Mrs. Stoppards’ class/ in the Mrs. Stoppard’s class/ in Mrs Stoppard’s class/) for a year.
So (is/ has/ does/ has been/) Alice Lester, who works in the City.
She has a chance to try out what she has learnt, (as/ although/ while/ and/) she has relatives in France.
She normally catches (more early train/ an earliest train/ an earlier train/ a most early train/) but twice a week goes in later to join the class.
Another member of the group, Bill Cunningham, (has/ is/ can/ does/) the same.
“I like to use my time creatively”, he said, “If I didn’t do this, I (am/ would be/ will be/ was/) bored.”
Elsewhere on the train another group had been learning bridge, and on Wednesdays (is/ there is/ it is/ takes place) a world affairs class.

These have been set up by Mrs. Angela Ridley on Learn and Ride, with the approval of British Rail.

“Naturally I asked their permission, and they (said/ told/ spoke/ talked/) they didn’t mind at all“.
She hands out questionnaires asking (what are people interested in/ in what are people interested/ what people are interested) and who might be prepared to offer their services as a teacher, and forms groups on the basis of the replies.
She is hoping to have a class on business management. “If enough people (ask/ asked/ were asking/ has asked/) for it,
the class (starts/ would start/ will start/ would have started/) on the 7.33 next month.”
2. Complete la segunda oración de modo tal que tenga el mismo significado que la primera. Use no más de tres palabras. (Las contracciones cuentan como una palabra)

(0) Britain isn´t as warm as Greece.
Greece is warmer than Britain

2.1- “I can’t refund your money without a receipt”, said the shop assistant.
The shop assistant said that his money without a receipt.
2.2 - The robber forced the cashier to hand over the money.
The cashier the robber to hand over the money.
2.3 - We must get to the airport by three o’clock.
We have to the airport by three o’clock.
2.4 - Let’s try the new Chinese restaurant for dinner next Saturday.
Shall the new Chinese restaurant for dinner next Saturday?
2.5 - When did you marry?
How long married?
2.6 - Perhaps scientists will find a cure for cancer in the next decade.
Scientists to find a cure for cancer in the next decade.
2.7 - Yesterday morning, Paul missed the train because he got up late.
If Paul had got up earlier, he the train.
2.8 - “Please, wake me up early tomorrow morning, Sue”, said Andy.
Andy asked up early the next morning.
2.9 - Although he was injured, he managed to finish the race.
In spite injured, he managed to finish the race.
2.10 - It was so noisy, that we walked out.
There was that we walked out.
3. Test oral online

¿Qué nivel piensa que tiene según su experiencia de aprendizaje con el idioma elegido?
Le proponemos que siga estos breves pasos y consejos para realizar el test oral online:

- elegir solo uno de los tres niveles (Elemental, Pre-Intermedio o Intermedio) , es decir, el que crea que pueda resolver según su nivel de idioma;
- grabar un archivo de audio respondiendo en grupo cada una de las consignas del nivel elegido, según están presentadas y no en forma individual. Es fundamental decirlas en forma espontánea: no prepare las respuestas antes de grabarlas.

La grabación del audio es muy sencilla, simplemente hay que:

1) Verificar el correcto funcionamiento del micrófono (incorporado o externo) de su equipo.

2) Ingresar al sitio

3) 1) Hacer clic en Sign up para crear una cuenta si no posee una (este paso es fundamental porque de lo contrario el audio grabado solo permanece vigente unas pocas horas y luego se borra)

4) Presionar el botón de color anaranjado que se encuentra en el centro de la página y dice Start recording.

5) Presionar nuevamente el botón que se transformó en un cuadrado del mismo color para finalizar

6) Seleccionar en el mismo lugar la opción Share your clyp

7) Esperar que la carga termine de procesar, situación que se indica a través de una barra que va mostrando el progreso de la carga y señala cuando este finaliza generando automáticamente el archivo: My clyp.

8) Renombrar el archivo generado que automáticamente aparece como My clyp, titulándolo con su nombre completo: apellido y nombre/s (en ese orden).

9) Escribir en la descripción Test oral online idioma XXXX (especificar el idioma elegido) y la fecha del día que lo envía

10) Presionar el botón rectangular verde Save (guardar) que se encuentra abajo a la derecha

11) Ir a la barra del navegador seleccionar y copiar el enlace del archivo generado (con las teclas Control + C) o bien, hacer clic en Advanced que se encuentra a la derecha de Share y copiar el enlace o link (Control + C) que allí se muestra (coincide con la dirección que ven en el navegador).

12) Pegar el enlace (con las teclas Control + P) en el campo habilitado para el envío del archivo de grabación

Nivel Elemental

1. Elementary Level / Nivel Elemental
Read the tasks and speak about all the items you can.
Lea las consignas y responda en forma oral a todas las que pueda.

Present yourself and talk about your personal information your daily routines and interests.
Preséntese en forma oral y hable sobre su información personal, rutinas e intereses.

Please include these items in your presentation:
Incluya estos ítems en su presentación oral:

Name, age, nationality, occupation, family members. (Level 1)

Talk about your routine during the week and your routine on weekends. (Level 2)

Describe your activities and places you usually go to. Talk about your favourite day in the week. (Level 2)

Talk about your hobbies or interests. Talk about someone you are a “fan” of. Describe this person´s occupation, country of origin, activities.

Talk about 3 things you did last week (activities, etc.) (Level 3)

Nivel Pre-intermedio

2. Pre-Intermediate Level / Nivel Pre-Intermedio
Read the tasks and speak about all the items you can.
Lea las consignas y responda en forma oral a todas las que pueda.

Give information about yourself (name, place of birth, age, occupation, free time activities, etc). Can you describe your sister / brother or a friend? What is he / she like? What is he / she probably doing now? What’s his / her routine? What activity / activities do you do with him / her? (Level 3 / 4)

Do you upload photos onto social networking sites? What was the last photo you uploaded? Who took it? What was happening when they took it? Where were you? What were you doing? (Level 4)

What are your plans for your next weekend / next holidays? Where are you going to go? What are you going to do? If the weather is nice next weekend, what will you do? (Level3/4/5)

Have you ever bought something online? What was it? How did you get it? How long have you had it? (use for or since) (Level 4/5/6)

Nivel Intermedio

3. Intermediate Level / Nivel Intermedio
Read the tasks and speak about all the items you can.
Lea las consignas y responda en forma oral a todas las que pueda.

Personal Information (name, age, marital status, occupation, nationality, family). Routine and free time activities.

Plans for this year. Say what you are looking forward to.

Your last holiday:  Where did you go / stay? How did you get there? What was the weather like? Compare this place with your home town. Would you like to go back? Why? / Why not? What’s the best place you have ever visited?

Life experiences: Tell a story about something that has happened in your life. E.g. a time you were cheated / got into trouble / did something funny / learned an important lesson / made a silly mistake / did something dangerous.

Información personal

Nro de Documento

Maque según corresponda

La asignación de nivel realizada por medio del test online se aplica exclusivamente para realizar cursos virtuales. En el caso de querer realizar un curso presencial deberá presentarse a realizar la nivelación en la sede de su interés, los días de inscripción.


En Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: Microcentro, Caballito, Barrio Norte, Belgrano, Belgrano R, Palermo, Villa Crespo.

En Provincia de Buenos Aires: Vicente López, Campana.